Reflective Awakening

Engaging the Alchemy of Collaborative Inquiry

TOMMA heads-1140 - Version 3Reflective Awakening was the new synthesis for my private one-on-one work.

This work, as well as my FutureVisioning work is paused right now.

The form and flow of this work has been growing, ripening and gathering new insights and inspiration during 2015 and 2016. 

It is now the most advanced, powerful and integrated way of doing personal work I have ever offered. In Reflective Awakening I’ve incorporated the wealth of training, experience and knowledge gained over decades as I studied and practiced different healing modalities, consciousness evolution processes and reality creation techniques.

What is it?

Reflective Awakening is an enlightening, reflective examination of your current state of life. It delivers transformative insights into the true nature of your individual reality creation. It awakens your expansive self as a sovereign being, and teaches you how to transform your life where it’s most needed. It is permanently empowering, greatly liberating and deeply healing.


Who is it for?

Is there something you wish you could change, but don’t know how? When you think of the future, deep down do you feel helpless, scared, unsure, or alone? Would you rather avoid years in therapy, and wish you had a set of tools at your fingertips to respond to life’s challenges?

Do the following kinds of questions come up for you?

      • “Why is this happening to me?”
      • “Why am I stuck here?”
      • “How can I protect myself?”
      • “Why am I not being heard?”
      • “How can I get out of this conflict?”
      • “Why do I have to endure this?”
      • “What do I do against this fear?”
      • “Which direction do I need to go?”
      • “What am I supposed to do?”
      • “What is my purpose?”

Version 3

My experience with clients over the last decades has shown me that all problems churn around a core feeling of disempowerment, and roughly fall into four categories:

      1. Challenges with a life partner, parent, sibling, child, or someone in your work environment or circle of friends. For example: Relationship problems, parenting issues, conflict loaded parent relationships, illness or death of a parent or loved one, abuse, sibling friction, negative work environment, or draining friendships…
      2. Challenges with dissatisfying, confusing, stuck, or seemingly insolvable situations. For example: Loss of motivation, no win situations, lack of success, overwhelm, confusion, or depression…
      3. Challenges on the health or physical level. For example: Health crisis, chronic health conditions, weight issues, or negative body image…
      4. Challenges on the path of self-realization, self-discovery or creative self-expression. For example: Lack of creativity, identity crisis, difficult life decisions, life purpose questions, conflicts during self-realization, or lack of resonance…

In the midst of our bigger challenges we often get stuck thinking: “I can’t do this / I don’t know how to do this”,  “I am not good enough”,  “I am not lovable enough” or “I won’t be able to get enough of what I need”. With Reflective Awakening we successfully address all of these issues in an accelerated, self-empowering way that restores wholeness, self-appreciation and happiness. Most importantly you learn how to change your reality.

If you recognized your current situation here, welcome! You just found a new shortcut out of the old struggle!

Version 2

What will Reflective Awakening do for me?

In this new work we engage in a caring and uniquely enlightening examination of your current state of life. We map out your personal cycle of disempowerment by identifying the specific components that created this particular reality. Our joint inquiry enables you to see your life from a larger perspective, discover new choices and take effective action. If you are ready to claim ownership there is nothing you can’t change!

As we progress from one transformative insight to the next, we apply specific experiential processes to help you sense the true nature of your individual reality creation here on Earth. These insights and experiences awaken you to your true expansive, sovereign being. As this sovereign being you have more and more access to a greater power, expand into a greater capacity to love, and start living in a greater state of aliveness and connectedness.

Together we also design your Personal Empowerment Toolbox to let you not just master new challenges, but experience them as a gratifying opportunity for growth and expansion.

How will we do that?

We go through five distinct phases in Reflective Awakening:

Phase 1: Understanding the roots of the current reality.

Phase 2: Discovering hidden sources of power.

Phase 3: Applying new points of view, exercises, principles and powers of creation.

Phase 4: Fine tuning your Personal Empowerment Toolbox.

Phase 5: Integrating all tools and skills into your daily life and learning to use them on your own.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.46.32 PM

Power and self-determination

In order to experience yourself as more powerful, you may need to leave familiar beliefs and attitudes behind that govern your relationship with reality itself. Unfortunately most of us grew up experiencing the world as a place where:

      • someone had power over us
      • there were good and bad people
      • we could be a victim or we could become a perpetrator
      • when “bad” stuff happened, we believed something went wrong
      • we learned to ask “Whose fault is it?”
      • it was really bad to make mistakes


These beliefs were so misty atmosphere in the forest,during fall seasonbeautiful fresh morning with sun rays and dramatic lightconsistently confirmed by our experiences and the people around us, we often never even questioned them.

What if none of them were true?

In our work together we will move toward a set of completely new beliefs. The core principle in them not only infuses ancient spiritual practices all over the world, but is also a scientific truth proven by quantum physics. This principle says: “ Everything that happens in my life, I have chosen on some level of my being”. That means our experiences originate from a choice we made on either the conscious, subconscious or unconscious level of our being. In other words: we are inherently powerful, eternal spiritual beings who create our own reality.

How close you move toward embracing and embodying this principle is up to you. I am not here to convince you, or tell you what is true and what isn’t.  I will instead help you discover the impact your current convictions and internal principles have on your life, so you can reconsider them. I am here to invite you to step into a new reality of increasing possibilities.  I will show you how to change the debilitating stuff that doesn’t serve you any longer… because, as you will discover – it is all your choice!

How exactly do we work together?

We use reflective conversation, follow transformative lines of questioning and apply powerful short processing tools as needed. Sessions are on average 90 min. long. You may also choose to use additional exercises, reading or audio materials and other support activities in between sessions: I can provide many resources. Together we will create a custom-tailored program that fits your needs and intentions to best match your life situation and personal rate of inner growth. All the while we search for the most effective mix of transformational tools you will begin to use on your own very quickly.

We can hold the sessions in person, if you live nearby, or by Skype if you live somewhere else in the world.

How long will it take?

That is totally up to you. It depends how deep you want to reach and how much you want to change. In most cases I would recommend to start with a six session block. Perhaps that may be all you need. Perhaps you don’t feel complete yet and decide to continue further.

What are the tools we work with?

I usually like to begin by connecting you with your brightest, most powerful future self.

We will explore how you have been using the Three Powers of Creation and the Six Formative Life Energies. We may also employ the Actions & Qualities of Self Love, the Magic of Gratitude, and discover methods for escaping Self Lack and Self Sabotage. Then there are the roles that Negative Ego, Healed Ego and the Valued Self play. And we may open the connection to your Higher Self, and even your Cosmic Self. It all depends what serves you most.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.35.35 AM

Our path of inquiry and processing always aims at revealing the intentions of the soul. Understanding which life lessons your soul meant for you to experience always provides us with key insights. Questioning your current life reality in this way helps us discover the karmic choices you made in between lifetimes, and helps you recognize the deeper layers of your self-determination. And that in turn allows you to step outside the opposing dualities, which are always involved, into a deeply healing integration.

In addition my training and life experiences include the realms of sound and movement, shamanic healing, hypnosis, nutrition, creative expression, as well as Buddhism and Sufism, any of which we may also use.

Where do these tools come from?

The majority of my tools are rooted in the vast library of the non-physical being named Lazaris. All the FutureVisoning principles also come from that same source of wisdom. I developed another group of tools from my training as an accredited Practitioner with Journey founder Brandon Bays. My newly integrated approaches are inspired by the work of Michael Newton, and Lyssa Royal’s channeling of Germaine.

See my Resources page for more information soon.


How do I start?

Low Introductory Offer until end of August 2016

To get a first taste I am offering a free 30 min. consultation. We’ll get acquainted, answer all your questions about Reflective Awakening, and begin mapping out how we’d move forward. Then you can decide if this is the right path for you.

If you’re ready to go, I offer a first 60 min. starter session for only $80.

To continue with the program, you can buy a block of 9 hours, divided into six 90 min. sessions, for only $675 ($75 per hour)

After September 1st, single hour sessions will be $120, and the nine hour block $900.