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An Invitation
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Dear reader,


I am writing a book about Oneness. Why?


It seems clear to me that humanity is entering a profound learning curve. In spite of the recent onslaught of big world events delivering so many reasons to feel afraid, helpless, hopeless, powerless, confused or disillusioned, the overall evolution of our world is going in a positive direction. If you choose to pay attention, the evidence prevails that we live in a time marked by a global expansion of consciousness, a widespread form of awakening, and a continuously rising vibration. 


Where will this take us? I believe it has to lead us into an unprecedented potential, an opportunity for humankind to reimagine and restructure our very life here on earth. I think we are heading straight into a historic period, offering us the chance to make profound changes that will - in time - give rise to a new culture of human beings living in a predominantly heart-centered, sustainable, balanced and peaceful way on this planet.


The obvious question: Is there something we can do to contribute to this process?


I believe there is. I want to suggest that one of the most powerful things we can focus on, is to increase our capacity to remember and embody how much we are part of something bigger - how much we are all connected to each other and to all life on our planet. I will call this growing awareness, which will play a most crucial part in that process of global transformation, the Re-embodying of Oneness.


Why? What difference might a greater awareness of our interconnectedness make? 


I believe its role in this coming era is absolutely essential, because deep change won't happen unless we shed more of our habitual seeing and experiencing ourselves as separate individuals. When you look closely, it becomes apparent that this perception and conviction of individual separateness has completely permeated our life in many undeniably self-destructive ways: 


Separateness is at the root of our obsessive, relentless inner comparison to others, our dominant culture of competition and judgment, and our life long willingness to measure up to someone else's external standards. It is not only the underlying cause of all personal struggle, but also the foundation of the entire human mindset of greed and thus its unavoidable outcome of manipulation, exploitation, violence and warfare. All our hierarchical and commercial power structures are based upon it. And we are so used to seeing ourselves as isolated individuals, that most of us don’t even question this perception. 


Don't you wonder what might happen once the illusion of separateness begins to fade in more people and in more countries all around the globe? 


I believe all the key power structures of exploitation in our world will finally and inevitably begin to crumble and transform from within. 


For the last few years I have felt the call to contribute to this global process, and so I am now setting out to write a book to rekindle the memory of Oneness in a wider audience. Oneness in my experience is not something new we need to discover, it is rather already laying dormant within us, waiting to be remembered. This book will, I hope, also contribute to the ongoing raising of vibration on this planet.


That's why I am looking for people who have had a dramatic or life-changing experience of Oneness. 


It’s not important how this experience came to you, nor how long it lasted. It may have been completely out of the blue, or intentionally through the use of a psychedelic substance, through a spiritual or meditative practice, a ritual, a dream state, near death or during a peak performance.


Maybe you didn’t call it Oneness, maybe you felt it was a mystical, spiritual or healing experience. Maybe the quality you entered was one of boundless love, interconnectedness, merging, dissolving of separateness, or ego dissolution. If you are willing to try to describe the indescribable and share a personal anecdote of your experience, I would love to include you as a contributor to this book. It will be fascinating to also look at the impact this experience had on your life, and how we can further explore its potential. 


We know that personal anecdotes of life-changing experiences are incredibly powerful as an inspiration, a vibrational infusion, a new model or an initial blueprint. They always add to the understanding of our own potential and by that expand our vision for humanity as a whole. And we need a new vision for humanity right now!


If you believe you have had such an experience of Oneness, or know someone who has, I would very much love to hear from you. 


Once we have met and agree to work together, our collaboration will likely be in one of two ways: 


  • I assist you in editing your own written account of your experience.

  • Or we set up an in-depth interview, to allow me to create a written description of your experience, which I will then invite you to approve, or edit further.


Obviously I am a complete novice when it comes to publishing and earning revenue from a book, so I really can't make any promises about royalties yet, just a promise to share whatever the book might generate fairly.

A quick bit more about me:


I started working with psilocybin about 3 years ago, in 2019, initially for my own personal expansion, then soon as a psychedelic guide. I began assisting others in their own sacred experience, helping them to clarify their core intention before the journey, assisting them to navigate in their altered state, staying in a positive flow during their journey and integrating it afterwards. This often includes making sense of the experience, deciphering the imagery, and continuing to manifest their intention. To date I have guided close to 70 sacred deep psilocybin journeys and their follow-up integrations.

For the last two decades before branching into this work, I trained in and practiced several highly effective modalities, all focused on healing and transformation. I have worked in that capacity with hundreds of clients since 1999. 


For a closer look into my background, you can go to the MORE ABOUT TOMMA page on the public pages of my website.

To read about my own Oneness experience, go to this Medium Article


Please feel free to send any questions you may have. You can contact me directly at:


I look so very much forward to the adventure of connecting and collaborating with you!




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