My Brightest Future

Discover the essential steps

that allow you to create a new reality!

Whenever you want to make a significant change in your life, whether you try to heal a physical condition, change an emotional pattern, bring more love into your life, or open the flow of greater prosperity, the most powerful way to start is by tapping into the power of your brightest future. 

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How do you see yourself?


I see you as eternal spiritual being, a spark of the divine, who decided to experience human life and physical reality on the basis of free will and choice here on earth. From my point of view we are all by nature powerful reality creators. That means we do create our very own reality with everything in it that we experience. Most often we just don't do it very deliberately and skillfully, nor do we understand the difference between our limited human desire and our soul's wanting.

In this program I first show you how to bring the two into alignment.

How do we actually create your brightest future? 

There are three lessons in this program:

In Lesson 1 you learn how to:

  • Understand the power of the future.

  • Create your brightest vision.

  • Experience your vision.

  • Nourish a relationship with your bright future self.

  • Feel a connection with you wise old future self.

In Lesson 2 you learn how to use:

  • The three tools of creation.

  • And the six raw materials of creation.

     (You can find the three tools and six raw materials here)

In Lesson 3 of the program you learn:


  • How to stay away from the traps of reality creation.

  • How to turn the hidden, self destructive forms of self pity into self love.

  • And how to identify your primary fear, so you can reach for it's antidote.

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My regular fee is $120 per hour.

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For a limited amount of time I offer the Brightest Future Sessions at only $50 per hour! Space is limited.

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