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My Brightest Future

Take the next step in 

creating a new reality!


Whenever you want to make a significant change in your life, whether you try to heal a physical condition, change an emotional pattern, bring more love into your life, or open the flow of greater prosperity, the most powerful way to start is by tapping into the power of your brightest future. 

Begin by listening to this guided meditation

to experience The Power of the Future!

Dark Road / Light Road - A Guided Exercise


You can find all free documents and support materials on the page Tomma's Tools



Past, Present and Future

While the concept of Power of the Now is being taught in several different spiritual paths and has become quite popular, the Power of the Future is not so well known.​


Many of us live in a kind of paradox: we have begun to understand that outside of the illusion of our physical reality there is no time: There is only the unimaginable, vast, eternal NOW. Yet we also live inside this three dimensional physical environment, in which we still experience everything within the structure of linear time.


I find it helpful to understand the paradox in this way: We do live with an awareness of a past, a present and a future, but they really all happen simultaneously. Any time we think of the future, we think of it now. And any time we think of the past, we think of it now. But between the two of them the future is far more powerful.



How do you see yourself?

I see you as eternal spiritual being, a spark of the divine, who decided to experience human life and physical reality on the basis of free will and choice here on earth. From my point of view we are all by nature powerful reality creators. That means we do create our very own reality with everything in it that we experience. Most often we just don't do it very deliberately and skillfully, nor do we understand the difference between our limited human desire and our soul's wanting.



How do we use the power of your brightest future? 

There are six components in this process:

  • Understand the power of the future.

  • Create your brightest vision.

  • Communicate with your soul or soul family to align the vision.

  • Experience your vision.

  • Nourish a relationship with your bright future self.

  • Feel a connection with your wise old future self.

Once you have your brightest future fully activated in all the above ways, it becomes an irresistible magnet that begins to shape your reality in a new way.


You may want support and guidance with all six of these components, or just a few of them. According to your individual needs and preference we can schedule a single session or meet more often.

Ready to bring your life to blossom?




If you would like to find out more about using the Power of the Future:

Schedule a free consultation!



I now offer the Brightest Future Sessions at a low end sliding scale

starting at only $40 per hour for three or more sessions.

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