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More about Tomma


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Early years


I was born and grew up in Hamburg, Germany with two younger siblings and two loving parents, who both grew up during the second world war. Their deepest hope I think was to create a life of harmony and happiness. As the oldest, I learned to play the role of fulfilling this hope in many ways. And as we were all artistically talented, we each found our own path to make our parents happy and proud of us… I grew up feeling lucky and thought of my childhood as a happy one.

I became interested in psychology in my teenage years, when a relative I was very close to suddenly became silent and withdrawn, increasingly depressed and then also anorexic. She started to see a therapist, but her condition didn’t change. I longed to understand what had caused her to feel this way and began searching for answers, but only found a few pieces to the puzzle. When she finally healed and started to laugh again, it was a mystery I didn’t fully understand.

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During those high school years I also followed my love for music and studied violin and classical singing. After finishing Gymnasium, my desire to understand more about human nature brought me to study Psychology and Anthropology for a year, but the University structure left me confused and dissatisfied… and my passion for art emerged. I switched to study abstract painting at Art Academies in Hamburg, New York and Düsseldorf. For almost 10 years I completely dedicated my life to making art.

Coming to the US


In 1989 I moved with my high school sweetheart and first husband, who was now an art dealer, to the US. After the birth of our second daughter, in 1992, I was faced with an unexpected challenge, and a feeling of helplessness as I witnessed our first daughter acting out in inexplicable anger against her newborn baby sister. I knew I needed help. I pulled away from my painting studio and started therapy.



Discoveries and explorations

Absorbed with finding ways to become a better mother and fascinated by childhood psychology, I created a private parent coaching group. Soon I was also drawn to explore healing work, metaphysics and channeled information.


The next decade was full of new discoveries, learning and growing. I began to practice healing arts, first with Reiki, which soon led me to Shamanic Healing through Soul Retrievals. Next I learned Hypnosis. I went through a great deal of inner growth and turmoil as my marriage came apart, determined to create the most loving separation I could imagine.

After living through seven years of predominantly single parenting, Jim, my wonderful second husband joined our little family in 2002. During that time I was doing healing work on the side, still thinking I needed to find a “proper” job.

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Free Soul


In May of 2003 an epiphany gave me the clarity to open Free Soul, my private practice for healing and transformation work.

​In 2004 I found the powerful cellular healing work called the Journey and became an accredited Journey Practitioner in 2006. What an amazingly rich learning experience that was! The Journey became my primary healing modality for 6 years. I started traveling to Germany twice a year and also grew a significant client base in Hamburg.

In 2011 a fellow Journey Practitioner introduced me to FutureVisioning™,

which I experienced as an even more deeply transformative work.  After a short custom training period that allowed me to clear up some significant old prosperity blockages, my practice virtually exploded. In November of 2011 I entered a mentorship program with the founder of this work. I participated in creating a training program to teach new FutureVisioning practitioners across the world, and started training a first group in Germany.


In October my father died after two years of pain and illness.

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​Through FutureVisioning I was also introduced to Lazaris, the channeled, nonphysical being, who was the source of knowledge and inspiration behind this work. It was the beginning of a most profound new relationship for me. Lazaris gave me such a wealth and depth of wisdom and understanding in our human nature, that it initially often boggled my mind. To this day I consider Lazaris one of my most beloved teachers.


Standing up and stepping away


In the spring of 2014 several fundamental disagreements erupted between me and my FutureVisioning mentor, differences that had been buried by my need to protect peace and harmony. Besieged by his relentless efforts to assault my point of view and deny my difference of opinion, I birthed the courage to trust my own perceptions and choices, to stand up for my beliefs, and to oppose an authority figure I had believed in. In June I left the FutureVisioning group.

That decision liberated me in many ways. But it also catapulted me into a phase of prolonged questioning and a desire to redefine what kind of client relationship it was that I wanted to engage in and what tools I wanted to work with. As much as I loved the FutureVisioning work, it started to feel tainted.



A long string of life events


As it turned out I entered a longer sabbatical than I had anticipated. 


The death of my mother in 2014 was only the first life event that needed my attention. Soon we also needed to solve many inheritance questions with my two siblings in Hamburg. Next was the sale of our home in upstate New York in 2015. After it’s value had dwindled during the plunge of the US housing market, we were left without a home in the US for a whole year. We began researching intentional communities and spent much time in Germany that year supporting my sister, her husband and their little 2 year old daughter through the loss of our last parent.


In my continued exploration of different reality creation models, my husband Jimmy and I decided to immerse ourselves in another extraordinary set of tools to create our life with: the Avatar courses. This time it was my oldest daughter Sophia whose inspiration we followed. I was instantly struck by the enormous clarity, ease and speed in the application of the Avatar tools, and the palpable sense of a compassionate and dedicated worldwide community.


Just as we began to find solid ground under our feet, my first husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2016. We decided to invite him to live with us, so we could support him in applying a new, ground breaking treatment for his Alzheimer condition. Soon my care giving absorbed every hour of the day and left no room to even contemplate searching for a new focus in my private work with clients. He stayed with us for over 9 months. He did not recover, but moved with Sophia and her boyfriend into a new house near Hudson. For the next 3 years, with the additional help of a wonderful care giver, we all teamed up to care for him until his death in July 2020.

Exhausted from the intense months of constant care giving, I sensed that I needed silence and the presence of nature around me and began working for a garden designer during the summer of 2017. What an magically healing experience! I decided that I would continue to spend at least two days per week with gardening work during the warm months.



New beginnings


2018 was marked by developing my first new program: Crossroads Coaching and a full immersion into learning about our soul’s journey and evolution through its entire arc of incarnations by studying the amazing material from the Michael and the Source teachings.

In January 2019, after discovering Lynn McTaggart's book The Power of 8, Jimmy and I began holding our two High Intention Circles. Simultaneously we also joined a local group of people to create an intentional community here in the Berkshires. I began offering community intention events and created a full set of training materials that other intention circles could follow. We could both feel our life noticeably elevating into a higher energy stream. During the summer I created the Gratitude Immersion Program. Later that year I had my first ground breaking experience using plant medicine and began leading clients through deep journeys.


And then, in the fall, another amazing opportunity fell into our lap: We were able to buy a new home in a small land trust community, which we renovated until early summer of 2020.

That year I developed my Love Based Reality Creation program, and recorded the Reconnecting Love Morning Meditations.

Since then I have been working predominantly as a sacred psychedelic guide and since 2022 also with regular weekly private clients. It feels like the mushrooms continue to weave my therapeutic work that has been informed by skillful trainings in all the different modalities into a new synthesis that feels ever evolving. I am incredibly grateful these days.


Summary of Trainings and Certifications

1994 - Reiki I - Reiki Master Ellen Sokolow

1994 - Reiki II - Reiki Master John Latz

1997  -  Certified Hypnotherapist - International Association of Counselors and Therapists

2003  -  Somatic Healing - The Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis


2006  -  Certified Journey Practitioner - The Journey

2016  -  Avatar Master - Starts Edge International

Informal Skill Collection

1995  -  Shamanic Soul Retrieval  -  Orangutan Monkey Grandma, inspired by Sandra Ingerman

2011  -  FutureVisioning Practitioner  -  mentored by Ti Caine

2019  -  Intention Circle Coach  -  inspired by Lynne McTaggart

2019  -  Deep Journey Guide  -  inspired by Michael Pollan

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