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Gratitude Immersion


Gratitude Immersion

“Gratitude is a transcendent force. It is mysterious, magical, and powerful.

It can be miraculous."

~ Lazaris




The material in this program is available as a four week guided program and also as a written booklet to facilitate a self guided immersion.

Anybody who has worked with gratitude already knows how good it feels to focus on it every day. It's amazing how much that focus alone already impacts our lives. 


This program goes even further. It is built on the incredibly powerful information I learned from Lazaris, who became one of my favorite teachers. It raises our awareness not only of the seven layers and the full spectrum of gratitude, but also of the seven hidden powers. Most importantly it also points out the six resistances to gratitude and guides us in releasing them.   

The full spectrum of gratitude?


Gratitude only begins with feeling thankful, but it is so much more! If you think you are using the power of gratitude when you are feeling thankful, you are only just scratching the surface.


Full Spectrum Gratitude actually contains 7 emotions or qualities! 


It is being aware of feeling thankful and joyful, and creative, and loving, and vulnerable, and understanding, and more connected… all at once. 

You can begin to understand the magnitude of gratitude if you imagine the full experience as a spontaneous combustion of internal celebrations. A celebration of your thankfulness, and your joy, of your creativity, your love, your vulnerability, your deeper understanding and the surrender of your sense of separateness. When all of that happens at once, you would likely not even call it gratitude, you would call it an experience of ecstasy!


At its core gratitude is really a celebration of love.




"Gratitude is tangible force. The more you feel it, the more reasons you will find to feel it. Gratitude is a miraculous force, like a magical magnet, generating and then attracting so much more than you have already received. It is like a living energy, clearing the way for you to become so much more than you have already experienced."  



“Gratitude is an essential component in the alchemy of change in which we and our world are engaged. If humankind is to survive, and it will, gratitude is essential.”


~ Lazaris


What's in the program?


Understanding Gratitude

Making Room for Gratitude 

Releasing your Resistance to Gratitude 

Week 2 and 3:

Committing to your Gratitude Practices :

Basic Daily Gratitude Practice

Gratitude Journal

Daily Gratitude Checklist

Choose among 16 Gratitude Practices, Exercises and Rituals

Week 4:

Advanced Gratitude Work

Using Gratitude to shift the Shadow:

The outcome?

You won't believe how much more incredible you'll feel.


Any questions?


I now offer the four weekly guidance sessions on a low end sliding scale starting at only $40 per hour.

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