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A more enlightened economy!


I now offer all my work on a low end sliding scale. 


What does that mean?

From now on you can choose to “pay what you want” for all of the different services or tools I offer. You can book my private sessions starting at $50 per hour, and the lowest package for Deep Journey Guidance at $40 per hour.

As a client I want you to have the freedom to pay an amount that you feel good about and that is in alignment with your financial reality. 


Why the change?

I have charged everything between $35 an hour, when I first began offering my work in 2003, to $120 during the height of my FutureVisioning work. 

During my sabbatical years I slowly began to sense that I wanted to change my relationship to money, the role it played in how successful I allowed myself to feel, and how subliminally it even impacted my own sense of value. Over those seven years I slowly experienced an expansion of the definition of what it means to be successful. One that feels more rooted in self love.

Finding a more enlightened way of offering my work feels important. While I want to earn a rewarding income, I also want to contribute to bridging the growing prosperity gap in our country. To let my clients choose the payment that feels in harmony with their individual financial situation seems a good step in that direction.

I am inspired by the potential of this movement.

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