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Soul Study Groups

Soul Study Groups in planning

Two years ago I had planned to offer two study groups. But I never made it happen, because my time started to be absorbed by running intention circles. I may revive this project at some point in the future.

1) In the first Study Group we would explore the personal elements of our soul matrix.

2) The second Study Group would be exploring the benefits of regular communication

    with our soul family or higher self.

Soul Matrix Elements


The exploration in this group is based on the book:

"Archetypes of the Soul" by Varda Hasselmann

As a second optional reading you could include:

"Journey of your Soul" by Shepherd Hoodwin 

You will also need to order a channeled reading of your soul matrix.

I recommend two Michael Channels to order your Michael Chart from:


Best option: Shepherd Hoodwin - $75  

Slow option: David Gregg - $65

(This chart may take between 6 weeks and three months to get to you!)

Discovering my own soul matrix has been a profound experience for me. No other system of self-evaluation, of the many I have studied, has ever lead me into as deep a level of unveiling the mystery we all face: “Who am I?”. In studying these materials, I found out how precisely my current lifetime is playing out according to it’s blueprint, and understood among other things why there needed to be so many changes of interest during my adult life, why I tend to feel so utterly uncomfortable in the face of human discord, and why there always seems to be a new ideal I need to reach for.


In this study group we will study each of the seven matrix elements of our personal soul matrix together and explore one by one:

  • how each element currently plays out in our lives

  • when and how we get stuck in the plus or minus pole of an element

  • the impact we have on people close to us when we are stuck

  • the ways we can retun into the flow

  • and how we can live more freely and fully that amazing potential our soul intended for our growth.


This journey of discovery could naturally lead to a quantum leap in self-understanding and self-acceptance.

Please ask me to send you a course outline once I have finished creating it.


Soul Family Communication

Learning that my “higher self” is in fact my soul family - and learning how to communicate with my soul siblings - has been a revelation. Just feeling the immensity of love that I can sense emanating from them, often moves me to tears.


Nowadays, whenever a big question comes up, that is were I first look for answers, and that is where I always end up finding the deepest understanding, the greatest clarity, and the most beautiful inspiration.


At this point I use a fairly simple process of connecting and communicating with my soul family. I believe it is an ability we all have, although the desire to rediscover this connection doesn't seem to occur until the soul is in it's mature or old cycle. So many of us just don't use this potential at all, and most of us don't communicate often enough for it to become a reliable connection. But this awareness of connection and our ability to perceive responses form our soul family can be trained and will serve us immensely!


In this study group I will provide you with a first general introduction into what makes a soul family and what role it plays in our lifetimes and during the times in between.

Once that is in place, our interest, exploration  and focus will be entirely on the communication with our soul family. I will teach you the different ways of how to connect, how to communicate and how to receive the responses. My goal is to broaden the repertoire of tool so many people with different internal filters can learn to communicate successfully.

Please ask me to send you a course outline once I have finished creating it.

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