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Building an Enlightened Planetary Civilization



Even though I am not active as an Avatar Master, I still very much recommend the Avatar Courses. Right now my personal preference is to focus on developing grass roots tools that empower local communities, and Avatar by contrast aims at building a centralized global community, which requires traveling to Florida on a regular basis in order to be involved. 
















What is Avatar?

The Avatar Course is a highly effective nine day exploration into your consciousness to help you take charge of your life at a deeper level. It teaches you an exceptional system of extraordinarily powerful consciousness tools that you can weave effortlessly into your daily life. The course enables you to permanently change your life experience both on hidden pervasive levels as well as in obvious areas that are problematic and have resisted change. 

Is it right for you?

If you…

  • are looking for a path with a proven track record that leads to a fast expansion in your personal or spiritual growth…
  • are tired of digging through your childhood to undo the roots of your problems…
  • want to crack the secret of why certain things in your life remain difficult or don’t ever work out… 
  • have an aversion to spiritual, “New Agey” jargon… 
  • would like to be a source of inspiration, transformation or enlightenment for others…

  • would enjoy becoming part of a fast growing worldwide community of consciousness leaders…


…then Avatar would be prefect for you.

At this point in your life...

  • do you feel burdened, stuck, victimized, helpless, overwhelmed or chronically stressed out…
  • does your relationship with someone close to you feel painful…
  • do you have a dream but don’t know how to manifest it…
  • do you suffer from financial struggles…
  • have you reached a turning point in your life…
  • or do you get discouraged or depressed by the state of the world?

Then you can expect to benefit greatly from the Avatar Course.

Amazingly Avatar meets you at whatever level you are. It takes you by the hand if you just recently started on an exploration in consciousness, or shows you how to move higher if you’re a long time seeker on the spiritual path.

















Yes, we are in this picture too! This was our first Course in January 2016.

What can you expect?

Oh, the list of all possible changes would be endless! But here are a few typical gains new Avatars experience:

  • less effort in connecting with other people 
  • experiencing less inflated anger, automatic judgments or constant criticism
  • feeling more in charge of how your life unfolds
  • increased inner peace and calm
  • enormous sense of empowerment
  • having a direct tangible experience of being the source of what manifests
  • new understanding and clarity about life
  • a sense of unlimited possibilities
  • true compassion for yourself and other people
  • skilled use of simple, powerful tools to serve you for the rest of your life


Who is behind it?

I always regret that so many gurus, spiritual leaders, and teachers are secretly driven by their need for recognition or glorification, so it feels very refreshing to see Harry walking the opposite track. 

Overall I have an impression of him as this ex-hippy, who became quite a brilliant, out-of-the-box thinker with a life long passion to explore consciousness, and an ability to manifest a large scale humanitarian vision. I recommend reading his book “Living Deliberately”, I really enjoyed it.


I love what he says here: 

“The mission of Avatar in the world

is to catalyze the integration of belief systems. 

When we perceive that the only difference between any of us is our beliefs, 

and that beliefs can be created and discreated with ease, 

the right and wrong game will wind down, and world peace will ensue.”  

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 10.52.10
Avatar Janunary.jpg

Avatar was created by Harry Palmer. The first courses were held in 1987.

At this time Harry is not personally presenting the courses any longer. I understand he has withdrawn from that role after he realized that the personal attention, adoration and admiration he was receiving, distracted from the message and power of the work itself. Nevertheless he is still a strong presence through his recorded talks, that are woven as videos into the course material every day.



When, where, how?

The Avatar Courses take place several times a year. The big international courses with participants from all over the world are held in Orlando, Florida. In addition there are also smaller regional courses. The courses are delivered in a remarkable way not by a single person standing on stage, but by a worldwide community of licensed Avatar Masters and Trainers.



My own experience?

By the time my daughter Sophia inspired me to check out Avatar I had already been working with clients doing transformative work for 13 years, and completed several different training and accreditation courses in emotional processing, and accessing body consciousness. I already knew how to connect with my higher self as well as my bright future self and understood the principles of reality creation. In truth, none of the broader strokes of the Avatar teaching was new to me, especially not on an intellectual level. 


Why then did I find it so valuable? 

HOW they do it is so liberating and so different! It was like I was given a new kind of fishing net to bring up the parts of my being that continued to slip through and were still missing in order to move forward. My previous nets had brought up lots of truly amazing discoveries, healing, and transformation in the past. But it felt like the old mesh had either developed some holes, or those fishing ground were empty. 


I didn’t even think it was possible that you could release dysfunctional life patterns without going into the depth of your old childhood emotions – without going into your story of pain or lack or abuse. Surprisingly at Avatar nobody was interested in my “story”. It never even came up! And yet I reached into layers of my being I hadn’t even known how to get a hold of before and came out transformed.

And then: experiencing the course was also like stepping into a living model of a harmonious world community – so super inspiring and unlike any group energy I had ever experienced!



What I perhaps love most about the Avatar tools is that they are really easy to use in our everyday life. They deliver such a complete system, that they give you ways to respond right away to pretty much anything that can happen. And shift it right then and there. And I don’t necessarily mean just big traumatic stuff, but especially the small insidious occurrences that undermine who you are in your relationships and in the world. To be able to catch those really makes a huge difference.


If you are interested, let me know. I can answer specific questions you might have or share more of our personal experience with you. Contact me here.

Next Steps?

I would be happy to refer you to my daughter Sophia for a free “Info Hour” that gives you a little preview and taste of what the Avatar Course is like. Contact Sophia directly.

There are also short Mini Courses on the Seven Pillars of Enlightenment, that you can go through online for free with or without someone to guide you. These little gems contain some amazing tools.

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