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Crossroads Coaching

This program is currently paused and will be updated

 Make the right choices.

Get moving.



Travel far.

How do you know you are standing at a crossroads?


Something about your life is not working any longer, or has abruptly come to an end, and you don’t really know what to do next. 

There is confusion, doubt or procrastination: 


You may be either confused about which option to pursue, or full of doubt whether what you want to do is the right, the best or even a good thing, or you may find yourself stuck in procrastination, in spite of being quite sure where it is you want to go. 

Standing at a Crossroads can be a really uncomfortable place to be in.


We come to such a new juncture many times in our life, and in many different ways. Sometimes all we need is a little pause and internal clarification to move forward. But at other times what has worked in the past isn’t moving us forward any longer. In such situations there are often old identities, emotional habits, belief structures or lack of inner resources that keep us glued in place. Or it might be the sheer magnitude of the potential change ahead of us, which looms so big that we can’t even imagine ourselves on the other side. 

If any of these descriptions sounds familiar, this program is for you!

Ready to start moving forward?

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Crossroads Coaching is a transformational mentoring program designed to support you
in taking the first steps into a bright new future,
while supplying metaphysical tools
which put you on a trajectory
that reaches far beyond your current goals.

How do we do that?

We cover all important fundamentals: 

  • We will clarify and expand your choices, so you can make full hearted decisions. 

  • We will remove resistances, fear, self sabotage, and limiting beliefs so you can take action, and 

  • We will support you in being accountable, so you can keep moving forward.



Beyond that I introduce you to a set of powerful metaphysical tools that regular coaching programs don’t offer: 

  • I will show you how you are creating your reality, and 

  • teach you how to use these powerful tools of reality creation, 

  • so you can apply them skilfully for the rest of your life.*


And, perhaps the benefit with the greatest impact:


  • We will awaken and nourish your awareness of your truer self and 

  • create a bond with your brightest future self.


* The reality creation model we use in this program

is based on the teachings of Lazaris.

See more about Lazaris on the Resources page.




This proprietary program lines up 24 specific segments. They contain reading materials, short exercises, joint inquiries, meditations and transformational processes I take you through. We address and walk through any possible challenge that comes up. The program helps you to envision where you are going, to be excited about your future, clear about your actions, and connected to a greater purpose. . .  while feeling held by your family or close friends.

How long is the program? 


That really depends on how much support you want and how soon you feel ready to continue on your own. I suggest to start with 6 weeks of 1 and 1/2 hour private sessions.


I am offering all structured programs as this one on a low end sliding scale starting at only $40 per hour! 

Ready to start? 


Send me an e-mail to schedule our first free consultation and to set up a session schedule. Places are limited at the introductory rate.

Curious but still unsure?


You can ask me to send you the the full program summary, and the first introduction segment which gives you an overview of the reality creation tools we will be using. If you like the feel of the program and want to proceed, we will schedule your first consultation so you can make the decision more easily. The program can start any time – as long as I still have space available

Why did I create Crossroads Coaching?

I myself was standing at a Crossroads for an incredibly long time and didn’t know how to move forward. I didn’t understand why my old approaches didn’t work any longer. I didn’t understand why more and more obstacles were showing up. And I had this gnawing feeling in my belly that I was failing at what I considered to be my purpose in life. – I know how disturbingly disorienting a time like this can be.

I also believe that right now we as an entire humanity are standing at a significant Crossroads in our evolution. I believe our old approaches to life are crumbling at a faster rate than ever before. Our definitions of and focus on individual success, and personal happiness need to come apart, if we want to create a more peaceful planet where people thrive and nourish each other. I know that the sources of our deeply ingrained competitive attitudes can be identified and replaced with a new awareness of oneness and our inseparable interconnection, which will naturally give rise to our inherent capacity for compassion and understanding.


I have no doubt that we are heading into a more enlightened area of human life on earth! The question is how long will it take? The question is how soon can we get out of the way and stop putting our weight on the brakes? I believe each one of us, who starts making more enlightened choices, and holds a brighter vision of our collective future makes a difference.

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