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This page is sorted into several segments that you can jump to individually:

  • Literature lists - grouped by subjects.

1)  Emotional and physical healing

2)  Understanding the soul and the higher self

3)  Our human capacity for reality creation

4)  Communication from other star systems

5)  New visions and inspiration for life on earth

Emotional and physical healing

The Journey - by Brandon Bays


This is the very book that launched me onto the path of creating a successful healing practice. It inspired me to attend a Journey Intensive weekend and later to apply for the training courses  to become an accredited Journey Practitioner, which was a life changing experience. The book tells Brandon's own remarkable story and sheds light on the process of cellular healing. She also very generously includes the entire script for a Journeywork session in the appendix.

Loving What Is - by Byron Katie


Her approach of changing our experience of reality through a powerful series of questions she calls: "the work" can be truly life changing. I have come to embrace a similar conviction: that it never serves us to fight against what is. Using her worksheet diligently is enormously empowering.

Personality Types,

Using the Enneagram for Self Discovery - by Don Richard Riso with Russ Hudson 


The Enneagram is an ancient system of personality type identification that offers a remarkable path of emotional growth and integration. During our Journey Accreditation Training we also learned how to work with the Enneagram. This is one of my favorite books on the subject.

Dying to be Me - Anita Moorjani


The astounding story of healing from what all of us would have considered the point of no return. Anita was already pronounced dead, and yet decided to return into her body in order to love herself more fully. 

Understanding the soul and the higher self

The Archetypes of the Soul - by Varda Hasselmann


This book is my most recent significant discovery. The information in it comes from a group of scholars souls from the causal plane, who refer to themselves simply as the source. It explains the various elements of our individual soul matrix, which we pick each lifetime before starting another adventure in a new physical body. The depth of understanding myself through exploring my own soul matrix goes even deeper for me than the insights I gained from the enneagram.

 Journey of your Soul - by Shepherd Hoodwin 


This book introduces the reader to the Michael teachings. Michael is another soul collective from the causal plane. It lays out an almost identical blueprint for our souls evolution through it's many lifetimes as the Source does in the above books by Varda Hasselmann. Both teachings help you to understand your personality as a result of the choices we make in the astral realm before each of our incarnations.

Life Between Lives - by Michael Newton


This book brings us a captivating narrative, composed of countless soul memories accessed through hypnosis. It offers a fascinating insight into what happens to us in between lifetimes. 

Our human capacity of reality creation

The sacred Journey , You and your Higher Self - by Lazaris


This book was the first one I read that spoke about our spiritual potential, about the importance of self love, and opened the understanding to me that we create it all. For many years Lazaris was my most important and beloved teacher. 

Living deliberately - by Harry Palmer


Harry Palmer created the amazing series of Avatar Courses. This book is both really fun to read and stretches your understanding of the reality we live in.

The Power of 8 - by Lynne MacTaggart


This is a book not only about the power of intention, but also about the power of altruism. Truly inspiring, it was the reason Jimmy and I started to run our Intention and Gratitude circles. 

Communication from other star systems

The Prism of Lyra - by Lyssa Royale


This book gives a fascinating overview over the galactic history of humanoid life in various solar systems and how past conflicts relate to this time of human history on earth.

Visitors from Within - by Lyssa Royale


This book addresses the relationship we humans have with Zeta Reticuli.

The Great Human Potential - by Tom Kenyon and Melissa Kennedy


Beautiful channeled material from the Hathors and the Pleiadians.

Insights with Adronis - by Jefferson Viscardi and Brad Johnson


Very interesting channeled material from Sirius.

Extraterrestial Life, Galactic Humans - by Jefferson Viscardi and Rob Gaulthier


A interesting and fun compilation of channeled information from many different planets where humanoid life has risen to a higher density.

New visions and inspiration for life on earth

Ubuntu - by Michael Tellinger


This book lays out a compelling concept of how to extract our lives from the global monetary system, one small town at a time, and live on the foundation of the principle of contributionism. 

Abundance - by Peter Diamandis


Read this book to find an inspiring collection and  many examples of how well our world is doing. 

The Rational Optimist - by Matt Ridley


Look at the world through a different lens and discover so many aspects of human life that are improving.

The Golden Lake - by Lyssa Royale


A profoundly empowering perspective of our current transition into a higher consciousness and how we can release the hold our deeply ingrained habits of polarized thinking and acting.  

Basic rules for greater wellbeing

1) Movement 


Rule of thumb: Spend at least 30 minutes moving your body each day.


How much do you move during your average day? Could the balance between sitting still while working and moving be shifted to your benefit?


I highly recommend integrating some kind of movement into your daily life: Do some regular yoga or kundalini yoga, get a small indoor rebounder (Bellicon is my favorite), go for a walk or a bike ride or a swim in the summer, turn on some good music and dance, or spend some time gardening.   

2) Sleep 


Rule of thumb: Sleep at least 7 hours a night!


More and more research comes out about the vital importance of sufficient sleep for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. If you generally sleep less than 7 hours per night you are hurting yourself!!! Not only does your brain cleanse itself from environmental and metabolic toxins during your deep sleep cycles, you also need those sleep phases to connect with your soul family in the astral realm.

3) Food  


Rule of thumb: The more you can eat organic, local, biodynamically grown food, the better your health and wellbeing will turn out.

The less you include meat in your diet, the higher the vibration of what you ingest. If you do eat meat, eggs and dairy, try to choose grass fed products and stay away from mass animal farming! Did you know that the huge cattle factory farms are by far the largest producers of CO2 emissions in the world?  And you are potentially putting hormones, antibiotics and pesticides into your body.


As for fish and seafood: know that these days almost all fish contains micro plastics. Our oceans are long overfished and out of balance.

At the same time I encourage you not to use an all or nothing approach. If going vegan or vegetarian brings no joy to you, don't force yourself! But do move in the direction that serves your health and the planet. Even after deciding to be a vegetarian, if you smell a food that you can't resist, you can loosen your dietary restriction for a meal. 

4) Emotions

Rule of thumb: experience all of your emotions as your allies.


There really are no "negative" and "positive" emotions. There are only "suppressed" and "welcomed" emotions. Feeling our full anger can be a very healing experience. Suppressed love can cause us to kill another human being. Every emotion has a purpose and is there to serve you. The more you respect your own emotional nature and allow yourself to feel your emotions fully, the more these powerful energies will serve and empower you. 


Of course there are emotions you can cultivate and practice that will raise your vibration and wellbeing. You will find some of them under Tomma's Tools.

Teachers I recommend



Lazaris is a nonphysical being who is channeled by Jach Pursel. He was for many years my most beloved and cherished teacher, even though I never had the opportunity to experience a Lazaris event in person. I learned so, so very much from him about reality creation, and our human nature. More about Lazaris here.

Brandon Bays


Even though I left the Journey family in 2011, when I started to work with FutureVisioning, I still very much respect what they are offering. If you feel drawn to to facilitate healing through the power of forgiveness and would like to rewrite your childhood story, check it out. More about Brandon here.

Harry Palmer 


Harry created what is perhaps the most complete and systematic series of consciousness training that I know of in his Avatar Courses. You learn how to live with a profoundly high level of integrity, deliberateness, awareness, connectedness and personal power. More on Harry here.

Miranda McPerson 


I only worked with Miranda briefly, but it gave me enough of an experience to value her practice of inquiry and her approach to life as a non-dual teacher very highly. More about Miranda.

Jai Dev Sigh 


If you don't have a Kundalini Yoga class nearby to go to, you can use the online classroom and practices at their Life Force Academy to work with in your own home. More about Jai Dev here.

Mary Campbell 


Mary is an amazing sensuality coach, sexuality educator and interfaith minister. If that is the area you want to transform in your life, I can highly recommend working with her. More about Mary here.

Courses I recommend

The Avatar International Course


This is the first one of a series of courses that teach you how to use your own consciousness more skillfully and deliberately. You learn about the power of your beliefs, how to release your habits of labeling everything, how to tap into your power as a creator and how to "discreate" experiences that don't serve you any longer.  Very powerful! More on Avatar here.

WOT Circle


WOT stands for "walking our talk". If you are a woman living in or close to the Berkshires, I highly recommend joining a WOT circle. You will experience a deeply nourishing sisterhood and a palpable support to rise to a higher level of standing in your power and making things happen. More on WOT Circles here.

Lazaris Events


There are weekend events and week long courses around a particular theme or quality that is explored over the course of a whole year. From what I hear they are all superb. You can also learn from Lazaris through the immense library of recordings about a vast number of subjects, which is primarily what I did. See Lazaris events here.

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