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Work with Tomma



I believe our soul's path is always infused with beauty.

We just need to relearn how to see that.


There are three ways you can work with me:

1) You can book a three month period of Complete Custom Support to       

     address your personal life situation with your own chosen focus.


2) You can book a single session of any of the Main Processes I work with to  

     address a current emotional or physical challenge or crisis in your life you

     want to heal or shift.


3) Or you can book one of my Structured Programs guided by weekly private




All private work can be done in person,

as well as by Zoom, or by phone.

A few words up front about how I work.

I want to outline the spiritual foundation of my work, not in order to tell you what you should believe - because that is of course entirely your choice - but to clarify where I stand and to invite you to contemplate what might be a more empowered point of view of your life experiences. 

  • We are powerful, eternal, spiritual beings, who either create or allow all of the experiences we have.

  • We create much of our reality through our soul agreements, which are often not discernible to our everyday mind.

  • We live in a reflective universe, which always gives us clues to what's inside of us.

  • Everything has a back as well as a front. If you encounter a dark side, there is also always a light side you can search for.


I also work with four essential pillars of being that - if you want to live a fuller expression of who you truly are - need to be strengthened. They are:

  1. The ability to feel self love 

  2. The ability to feel gratitude 

  3. The ability to feel confident in a bright future 

  4. The ability to create and feel connection 


Among those pillars, I consider self love, and how and when to access it, as the most powerful transformative tool that will have the deepest impact on how you feel in your day-to-day life.


Finally I believe we need to welcome all our emotions as allies - even the ones we would rather avoid. In my experience the process of releasing the emotions we have habitually suppressed, is a vital key to healing not only our relationship problems, but also all our physical challenges. 




Complete Custom Support

Creating your own custom support is the fastest and most empowering way to heal, transform, create, or raise your overall life experience into a higher frequency.


Here is where you can experience the full scope of

my presence, professional experience, and guidance,

to dynamically support you at this specific moment of your life.

The first question we want to clarify:

What is your highest intention for our work together?

Next, to get an overview of where you are starting from, we want to assess the four essential pillars of your being: 

  • How would you rate the amount of self love in your life? 

  • How much daily gratitude do you feel?

  • How strong is your trust in a bright future?

  • How much connection do you feel in your life? 


Our goal will be to strengthen all of these pillars. The stronger they are, the quicker your “negative” life experiences will begin to dwindle. As we work together, we may find opportunities to heal old wounds and traumas, release suppressed emotions, unravel old, unproductive patterns, or restore your awareness of how much the source of power that creates your life lies within you. 


And we have very powerful tools to do that with!

You can read brief descriptions about some of the main processes I work with below.




Something else to clarify:


I am not here to help you change, or help you become a “better” version of yourself. I am here to support you in becoming more of who you truly are. There is a crucial difference. Quite possibly this path will involve changing your relationship with yourself. You may need to loosen the grip of ingrained opinions, old defenses and habitual perceptions that might block your ability to welcome the rich flow of life. 


So yes, I am not helping you to change yourself, I am supporting you to embark on a process of healing from within. As you experience old survival strategies, resistances, struggles and pressure begin to fall away, your old sense of self will naturally change, and as more of your truer self emerges, your life begins to align with more ease.


How can you tell you are really healing from within?

When we are progressing in our healing process, we invariably become more resilient, more discerning, more at peace, more clear, more empowered and more energized. We often find more courage, become more creative and innovative, are more inspired and inspiring to others, more joyful, and more authentic. Healing allows us to feel more grateful, more giving, more accepting, or understanding, and crucially, more forgiving. And all of that makes us more trusting, and most of all… more loving as a human being.


My ultimate intention for you is that you emerge from our work together not just feeling more whole and healed, but also better equipped to move forward, confident and powerful, on your own.

If you share this desire, I will show you tools, exercises, processes or meditations that you can continue to use on your own whenever you need them.


What next? 

I offer a free 30 minute consultation to help you decide if this program would be a good fit for you at this time in your life. We can also use this time together to begin clarifying your intention and mapping out what you want to create, enhance, or release in your life. That will show us how I can help you begin this journey we collaborate on.

I do recommend you start with a three-month commitment to working together. You can choose between 60- or 90-minute weekly sessions. In my experience three months is often an effective amount of time to make significant progress toward your intention and to integrate the inner shifts so that they can begin to transform your daily life. 

You can of course schedule a single session to experience in more depth what it’s like to work with me before you book the three-month package.



What is the cost?

I offer my one-on-one sessions throughout the three month program at a low end sliding scale, starting at $50 per hour.


The Main Processes 


Emotional Alchemy

This process allows us to release old patterns, uncomfortable emotions that grip us often, dysfunctional dynamics in partner-, friend- or work-relationships as well as irrational fears or anxieties.

This is a proprietary process I created. It was inspired by a chapter in the book “The Golden Lake” by Lyssa Royal and is based on a Pleiadian healing principle. Reading the chapter made me realize how every negative experience that contains a dysfunctional pattern is indeed driven by a polarization of resisted and craved emotions.   

By identifying and entering these emotional polarities, we quickly gather deep insights into the roots of our current unwanted experiences, and are able to recognize the internalized roles we have learned to play early on in our life. This awareness allows us to take ownership of our participation in this dynamic. The process further guides us to unravel and release the whole pattern through a beautiful ritual that taps into the transformative energies of the four elements on this planet. 

To read more about the Emotional Alchemy Process, you can go to this article on Substack I have written:                               

Emotional Alchemy.png

Emotional Release

When we experience emotions that have a charge in our life, it is most often because we have tried to avoid and successfully learned to suppress them. Often since we were very small. Every time we try not to feel an emotion, we also need to suppress or hold our breath, in order to hold the emotion inside our body. So instead of letting the emotion flow through and become expressed as an awareness, action or a communication, it gets locked into the cells of our body. Ironically in trying to suppress this emotion, instead of getting rid of it, we lock it inside of us, from where it tends to filter and color our experiences, and at times erupts in ways that can feel threatening or overwhelming, which in turn causes us to become even more determined in continuing to suppress it.

In other words releasing the backlog of your suppressed emotions is an incredibly healing choice to make. In the beginning it often feels impossible to do on your own, so being guided into this process is essential. It allows you to reverse the automatic habit of suppressing uncomfortable emotions and to experience the power of welcoming the emotions that arise. 

I have found that suppressed emotions are also woven into all chronic physical conditions and sudden dramatic health challenges, so relieving the burden that our bodies carry is also an essential foundation of our health and wellbeing.

The way I facilitate an emotional release is through an adapted form of the  Emotional Journey Process I was trained in during my Practitioner Accreditation with Brandon Bays.

Screen Shot 2024-02-17 at 9.20.47 PM.png


Reprogramming the Past

This is another incredibly powerful process we can use in our work together. It allows me to guide you in using the power your imagination to access not only the healing power of your brightest future, but also your ability to reprogram the past and reverse the old imprints that happened back then. This reversal happens by empowering the younger self to express the emotions that were either suppressed, punished or ignored. I have seen some profound changes in my clients after using this process, I sometimes even use it within the psychedelic experience to help brake loose some deeply ingrained woundedness.

What is it that enables us to navigate into these different time zones?


We tend to think that what happened in the past can’t be changed. We also tend to think that the future is just something that hasn’t happened yet, and therefore has no impact. The truth is that both the future and the past only ever exist in the thought or the imagination of the present moment. When we remember the past, we do it right now. And when we imagine or worry about the future, we also do it right now. 

The principles of this process come from the FutureVisioning work I trained in from 2011 to 2014. 


Communicating with your Symptoms 

This process is a guided introspection that allows you to listen to your body from the inside and get in touch with what's lying beneath the surface. As you listen and respond to the imagery your body offers, you begin to understand the underlying emotions and beliefs woven into your disease or physical condition. This often allows you to reconnect with parts or aspects of yourself you have ignored, suppressed or abandoned. Your dialog with them creates an opening that allows you to understand and often immediately restore what's needed. The physical changes you experience as a result can be instantaneous.

What keeps us from listening to our body? 

In this physical plane our body is designed and intended to be our closest friend and most intimate partner. It continually wants to communicate with us through emotion, sensation and imagery. And when we take the time to pay attention and learn to be perceptive of its communication, we can discover that our body is an incredibly powerful ally.  

It is tragic that in our western culture we grow up neither learning how to listen closely to our body, nor how to fully understand its language, let alone how to cherish and love every part of it equally. Instead we tend to ignore it, judge it harshly, battle with it, and try to control or manipulate it in all kinds of ways. We have learned to treat our body more like a machine that needs to be fixed or upgraded, rather than seeing it as the wondrous, alive and sacred vessel with its own voice and wisdom; an amazing conduit for all the physical experiences our soul has chosen to experience.

How healing can happen:

Over the many years of working with the different healing processes in my private practice, I have seen evidence over and over that any illness or physical condition can be approached and healed not just on the physical, but also on the emotional and consciousness levels.

  1. On the physical level we look for physical causes and use physical remedies such as surgery, medication, herbs, supplements, diet, touch or movement.

  2. On the emotional level we search for emotional causes and interact with, express, rebalance and release old, suppressed emotions.

  3. On the consciousness level we reach into hidden layers or deeper states of consciousness, which allows us to access a deeper knowing and an awareness of our truer self beyond old roles we have played, or wounded identities we have taken on. Returning into a deeper truth supports profound healing in our physical body.


Communicating with your Symptoms operates on both the emotional and the consciousness level and can be used to address every kind of illness or condition. 

The principles of this process also come from the FutureVisioning work I began training in in 2011.

A first time full session typically runs between 60 and 90 minutes.


I am offering all of these processes on a low end sliding scale 

starting at $50 per hour.


Structured Programs

I currently offer three structured Programs:



Love Based Reality Creation


This is a 12 week guided program.

It takes you through specific experiential sequences which give rise to profound insights, illuminate your powers of reality creation, and ingrain the essential foundations of wholeness and freedom, as well as the actions and qualities of self love.


My brightest Future

Whenever you want to make a significant change in your life, whether you try to heal a physical condition, change an emotional pattern, bring more love into your life, or open the flow of greater prosperity, the most powerful way to start is by tapping into the power of your brightest future. 


Gratitude Immersion


A four week guided program of powerful and fun daily gratitude exercises that help you to create a life filled with abundance, magic, joy, meaning and love. 

Gratitude Immersion is also available in a self guided version.

Custom Support
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