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Love Based Reality Creation

Self Love is the golden key to
creating the life you want.
Learning how to cultivate it
is the single most potent way to empower yourself,
and to heal and transform every single recurring experience of hurt, fear, anger or helplessness.

Self Love
Exploring Expanded Self Love

Begin by listening to this guided meditation.



You can find all free documents and support materials on the page Tomma's Tools



The Love Based Reality Creation Program

This is a 12 week guided program.

It takes you through specific experiential sequences which give rise to profound insights, illuminate your powers of reality creation, and ingrain the essential foundations of wholeness and freedom, as well as the actions and qualities of self love.

Each week you observe your life experiences with attention on a particular target through an inquiry. At the end of each day you answer a brief set of questions. At the end of each week you gather your conclusions, and we meet for a 90 minute session to integrate what you discovered, release any resistances, anchor a greater expansiveness in your being and make sure you celebrate your progress.

The expected outcome is for your overall life experience to become steeped in self love, imbued with a greater sense of power and interconnectedness, and permeated by more peacefulness, balance and gratitude.


The aims for each of the 12 weeks:


1) Noticing the three powers of creation

2) Noticing the six raw materials of creation

3) Feeling and honoring all emotions

4) Noticing habits of separating, measuring, evaluating and judging.

5) Noticing the seven qualities of Self Love.

6) Noticing the seven actions of Self Love.

7) Noticing and inviting the reflective nature of the universe.

8) Noticing the mortal personality self and sensing the eternal soul self.

9) Practicing Self Love

10) Practicing Reality Creation

11) Practicing love based Reality Creation.

12) Sensing the oneness source of all existence.

Curious about the seven actions and seven qualities of self love? I learned about them from Lazaris. You can find the self love components here. 

This program includes the:

Reconnecting Love - Morning Meditations

I also created 8 specific morning meditations that accompany this program.


They are designed to effortlessly integrate the seven self love actions and qualities, nurture your inner child, connect you with your brightest future, expand your gratitude, guide you in directing the healing potential of our blessings, and release old habits of self criticism. They help you not only to welcome all of your emotions, but also the full flow of life with less resistance. A cutting edge meditation awakens your ability to neutralize the polarity between suppressed and craved emotions, which sets off an alchemy that burns away old, polarized reality patterns.



Is this program right for me?

This program is likely to be a good match for you, if you:

  • are interested in taking greater ownership of your life experiences

  • are looking for a way to permanently raise your vibration

  • are willing to look at the “negative“ things around you as the reflections of your own shadow, parts of you that want to be integrated

  • are curious about how to live with less self pity, struggle, blame, or self criticism

  • long to feel more alive

  • long to live more in the flow

  • want to become a more grateful person


I offer a free 30 minute consultation to answer any questions you might have and help you gain clarity, if this program would serve you at this time in your life.

If you are interested contact me here:


I offer my private one on one guidance through my structured programs by donation, on a low end sliding scale, starting at $40 per hour.


That means you can embark on this profound journey for as little as $60 per week. 

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