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"Reconnecting Love"

The Morning Meditations

Self Love ActionsTomma von Haeften
00:00 / 19:23


This meditation creates a greater affinity with taking self loving actions in your life.

Self Love QualitiesTomma von Haeften
00:00 / 19:16


This meditation increases your affinity with creating the qualities of self love in your life.

Bright FutureTomma von Haeften
00:00 / 16:12


This meditation connects you with your bright future.

GratitudeTomma von Haeften
00:00 / 17:41


This meditation allows you to tap into the magic and power of gratitude.

Self CriticsmTomma von Haeften
00:00 / 18:41


This meditation helps you to turn old habits of self criticism into self love.

Flow of LifeTomma von Haeften
00:00 / 16:54

This meditation allows you to welcome the flow of life with less resistance.

Alchemy of EmotionsTomma von Haeften
00:00 / 17:05


This meditation taps into the transformative alchemy of polarized emotions.

Healing BlessingsTomma von Haeften
00:00 / 11:56


This meditation helps to clear a dark cloud you may have woken up with.



These meditations are designed to be used regularly and repeatedly.

I suggest listening to one of them each morning as soon as you wake up. You can listen to them in the same order every week, or choose one each day according to what you want to enhance in your life. Their effect is cumulative and increases the more you use them.

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