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Dear visitors, Liebe Besucher,                                                                                                                                           8/9/2017

Welcome to my ever evolving website… Willkommen…

Three years ago my FutureVisioning private practice came to a pause. I had not intended this. Life just took me in an unexpected direction. More surprises and changes continued to happen, until this summer I finally let go of my expectation of rebuilding my successful practice. It became clear that I wouldn’t be doing healing work in the old ways any longer.

Please read the “Latest News!” page for more details on new developments in my work.

Right now I want to find the synthesis between doing something that brings me joy and flutters with excitement, feeling my greater purpose in it and seeing that I am serving the world, and… making a living. I am not clear what that will be yet. I am drawn to explore how to train myself and others in “Love Activism”. It feels to me like the most powerful response we humans can give to the earth and each other at this time of deep change that is brewing beneath the surface. I would love to collaborate with others to build or contribute to large grass roots movements. This idea really sparkles in my heart.

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Auch meine deutschen Klienten sind herzlich willkommen!


Die letzten drei Jahre waren eine wertvolle Zeit des  Befreiens, Neuentdeckens und Nachdenkens für mich! Ich lasse deshalb meine neue Website sich langsam mit mir weiterentwickeln, und werde versuchen getreu Alles Neue zu beschreiben was hier entsteht.