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Tomma von Haeften

Reality Creation Guide

Circle Gatherer 

Soul Awareness Teacher


"What I essentially love to do is

help other people live at a higher level of fulfillment."


I am trained in many different modalities as an Avatar Master, FutureVisioning Practitioner, Journey Practitioner, Somatic Healer, Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Healer and Reiki II Practitioner.

I also have a secret passion for gardening.




A little bit about me:

I followed several interests and passions in life. In my teenage years I pursued my love for music as a violinist and classical singer. Later I discovered the world of art, and studied painting at art schools in Hamburg, New York and Düsseldorf. I became an accomplished abstract painter.

In my early thirties, after the birth of my second daughter, I was drawn to explore metaphysical questions, non-adversarial parenting, spiritual practices, energy- and healing-work. It became a lifelong pursuit of learning, inner growth and self discovery. My search was fueled by the desire to be of service to another person’s self realization along the path of their soul.

As an eternal optimist and believer in the inherent goodness of human nature, I collected cutting edge knowledge and skills in order to facilitate positive, permanent change in our physical cellular structure, our emotional patterns, and our ego driven identity.

I embrace the eternal search that time and again leads me to find innovative ways to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness on our planet, so that we can create a deeper mutual understanding of each other and more enlightened behavior not only within our families, but also in our communities and between our nations.

 How  do you love yourself more


Where does your sense of value come from?



If you are drawn to excel to prove your value, if you compare yourself to others, if you look to people around you for reassurance that your are lovable, worthy, likable, or even just ok the way you are, you have not yet accessed vast parts of the source of immense love that is available.
Self love is the golden key to creating the life you want. Learning how to cultivate it is the most potent way to empower yourself, and to heal and transform every single recurring experience of hurt, fear, anger or helplessness. 




 How do you reach new ground? 



How much support can you count on 

when you need to cross challenging terrain?




If you are struggling to make the progress you want, feel alone, helpless or overwhelmed by what you see in front of you, there are many sources of support out there, waiting for you to choose one that most resonates.




 How much gratitude do you feel? 


Do you experience

moments of appreciation or gratitude 

on a daily basis? 


If you are not taking the time to regularly acknowledge, savor or celebrate the good things in your life, you are missing out on the immense magic gratitude can bring into your life.






 How clearly can you see your future? 


Do you know where you are going
and why you want to go there?






If you can’t see your future clearly, if it looks dark, scary, foggy, or full of uncertainty, you are not tapping into the immense Power of the Future to create a more beautiful reality.








 How high is the viewpoint you want to reach? 
Are you looking for a higher level of 
clarity and understanding about your life?




Sacred plant medicine offers an extraordinarily elevated and expanded perspective you can use for guided healing, transforming and breaking out of old identity patterns.





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