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Preparing for your
Deep Journey


- for Deep Journey clients only

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Congratulations on booking your Deep Journey!

What's next?:

If you haven't yet... 

... join The Divine Assembly. (See Legal Protection below)

... start clarifying your intention. (See Intention Setting below)

... get in touch with me on Signal, so we can talk about setting up microdosing.  

    Here are instructions  how to connect on Signal.

    (Also see Microdosing Recipe and Intention Ritual below)

You might find it helpful to use this Preparation Check List, to keep track of the next steps to take in preparing for your Deep Journey.

Another part of your preparation is the invitation to start feeling into the question what kind of guidance you want me to provide.

  1. I can be a traditional and rather passive guide, mostly holding space and making sure you don't get caught in a negative vortex. 

  2. I can be a more interactive guide, perhaps helping you to navigate or make sense of your experience.

  3. I can actively contribute to the expansion, healing or transformation process you are embarking on and collaborate with the mushroom consciousness.


We can talk more about these choices during your Preparation Session.

Plan ahead for the week after:


And finally you can start envisioning and planning ahead for the week after your Deep Journey. Let that time be an expression of what you want your life to feel like. Your brain will still be in a state of plasticity, so the new things you do, can create new imprints more easily.

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Legal Protection under "The Divine Assembly"



As you may know, Psilocybin is still a schedule 1 illegal substance.

That means you are not allowed to buy, own or sell it.

In Massachussetts there are currently four cities that have decriminalized Psilocybin, which doesn’t make it legal yet, but at least the severity of the offense has been reduced. The cities are Sommerville, Cambridge, Northampton and Easthampton.


To create a space of legal safety for our work together,

I want to encourage you to join “The Divine Assembly”.


“The Divine Assembly community believes in the divine power of responsible psilocybin use. The purpose of the Divine Assembly is to connect people, protect the responsible and religious use of psilocybin, and cultivate health and healing.” 


As a member of the church your use of psilocybin is legally protected, because it is considered the sacrament that enables you to create a deeper connection to the Divine. While there is a strong movement to decriminalize and hopefully later on even legalize the magic mushrooms, it is obviously hard to predict how long that might actually take. In the meantime, becoming a member of this church provides a pretty good legal safety net.


I became a member in August of 2021.

Joining is easy, online and free of charge.



You can learn more about this church and join it here:



Please let me know if you have any questions about this.



Setting your Intention

If you have not yet clarified your intention, you can use any of the questions below to bring to light what it is you want to create through your Deep Journey.

  1. Is there an area in my life I want to transform?

  2. What is my highest vision for this area that seems possible to me?

  3. Is there some kind of experience or quality I long for that is currently scarce or lacking in my life?

  4. What might it feel like when that experience or quality is a regular part of my life?

  5. Is there something I might need to give up in order to let it in?

  6. Do I have questions about my life’s direction?

  7. What would it feel like to know I am on the right track?

  8. Are there core relationships with members in my close family that need to heal?

  9. How would it affect me and my life if this healing took place?

  10. Do I wish to connect more deeply with my ancestors, guides, angels or spiritual teachers?

  11. Do I wish to have a closer relationship with or feel the presence of the divine?

  12. Who, apart from myself, might be most impacted when I or my life changes?

  13. Is there anybody who might not welcome this change?

My intention is...


The most powerful intention is clear, fairly short and describes the essence of what it is you want. If you find yourself describing what you don't want, try to find words describing what will be there when those things are gone instead. Your intention is much more effective when you don't include the vibration of something you don't want in it. 

Find the emotions!


The most important part of holding your intention will be to find and (as much as you can) embody the emotions it contains. Emotions are the language through which you communicate your intention to the mushrooms. That's also why several of the question above ask you how something might feel. Even if you don't know for sure, - especially when you attempt to enter a new territory in your life - I still want to encourage you to imagine. 


It may be that you have several intentions and don't know which one to pick. No worries, we may want to hold all of them or we may find that they have a common core. 


If anything is unclear about your intention, don't worry! You don't need to get it perfectly right during the five days of microdosing. And we will answer all of your questions during our preparation session one or two days before your Deep Journey.

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Microdosing Morning Drink Recipe and Ritual

The microdosing should not affect your ability to work or to function normally during the five days before your Deep Journey. Most people have a hard time actually noticing the effect. Some, who are more sensitive, may feel a subtle change; perhaps feel more relaxed, or slightly spacious, sense stronger emotions, feel more alert, or more tired, sleep better, or dream more. Only extremely few, extremely sensitive people may find the effect disruptive. If that should happen you can cut the amount of your capsule in half.

The purpose of using the microdosing during the five days before your Deep Journey is to introduce the plant medicine to your body and to begin the co-creation process with the plant through your intention. You can use the same intention every day, or try out a different one every morning. 

Microdosing Drink Recipe:


  • Organic Cacao powder

  • Content of one capsule plant medicine 

  • Hot water

  • Raw honey to taste 

  • Coconut oil or coconut butter (organic butter)

  • Ground hemp seeds or a non-dairy creamer (organic heavy cream)


Blend or stir well.

The amounts in this recipe are flexible, no precision is needed.

Adapt it to your tastebuds.

Alternate drink option:


If you prefer more simplicity, you can also simply take one capsule with a glass of hot or warm water with a dash of lemon juice.

(Both cacao and citrus enhance the effectiveness of the mushrooms)


Intention Ritual:

Drink it in the mornings on an empty stomach 15 to 30 minutes before you eat breakfast.


As you drink, focus on your intention by picturing it or speaking it either silently or out loud… and as much as you can, allow yourself to feel what it feels like like when your intention has become a reality. Keep holding, or keep returning to this intention by feeling and breathing into these emotions while you drink.

If morning time doesn't work for your daily rhythm, you can move the ritual to the evening. As long as you can find a time when you can take the capsule on an empty stomach, that should work just as well.

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The Integration Work

In order to integrate the experiences during your deep Journey and to make room for the realizations to become part of your life, I recommend two follow up Integration Sessions. For most people the integration work is just as important as the experience of the Deep Journey itself.

I strongly suggest to schedule at least one integration session. The best timing is usually fairly soon, within a week after your Deep Journey. 

The second integration can take place anytime between one to three months later. The spacing is completely up to you, as well as how much additional support you want to schedule. You may decide you want more sessions than you initially anticipated.

A reminder from above:

Plan ahead for the week after:


And finally you can start envisioning and planning ahead for the week after your Deep Journey. Let that time be an expression of what you want your life to feel like. Your brain will still be in a state of plasticity, so the new things you do, can create new imprints more easily.


I suggest setting up a reminder for yourself after one month has passed to ask yourself: have I integrated the full potential of my Deep Journey? If you haven't, just schedule another session. 

The integration sessions help you to pause, reflect and become more aware in order to celebrate the shifts you are experiencing. They make it easier to stay connected with your truer self that's emerging and keep life moving in the direction of your intention rather than falling back into old habits. During these sessions I may offer additional tools to support you, simple exercises or processes from my long experience in working with clients. You may want to infuse your daily life with more self love. Or you may want help in creating a blueprint of how to approach and respond to potentially challenging situations in the future. 

You can book the integration support sessions in advance, or whenever you feel you need them.


Fee Sliding Scale

In order to make this work available to people with many different financial means, I offer these guided Deep Journeys on a low end sliding scale.

You can see my Sliding Scale Fee Schedule here.

For payment I accept cash or checks, 

Venmo: @Tomma-vonHaeften (please use "private" setting)

or Zelle bank wire to Lee Bank:

I look forward to being your guide!


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