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Death, Dying and Beyond



Here is a small collection of writings on the subject of what happens after death.


The assortment includes both short excerpts or descriptions, as well as a few summaries that I wrote for this page. The writings come from various perspectives. I have included channeled material, which I have often found particularly mind expanding.


Lazaris channeled by Jach Pursel, speaks from a multidimensional, non-physical point of view.


Adronis channeled by Brad Johnson, communicates from the fifth density perspective of the Sirian star system.

The teachings of the Golden Lake channeled by Lyssa Royal, offer the perspective of the Pleiadian star system.

Michael Newton, a master hypnotherapist, has led hundreds of his clients in hypnotic regressions to memories of experiences in-between-lifetimes.

The Michael Teachings are channeled by several people, while The Source is channeled by Varda Hasselmann. Both speak in almost identical ways about the soul realm from the point of view of a post-physical-life, fully merged soul family.

Mellen-Thomas Benedict and Anita Morjani describe their near death experiences. 

You will notice some clear similarities in the various descriptions about what happens right after death. And there are also fascinating differences in how the soul’s experience in between lifetimes is described. I have a theory about what might have caused these discrepancies, but I leave it to you to come up with your own conclusions. 




The Collection

Lazaris - A Question about Dying

In this short piece he speaks about the tunnel of white light, what happens when we come out of it, how some people encounter hell, how the soul creates the realities it wants, how we study the past lifetimes, free will and whether suicide affects the dying experience.

Lazaris - Death and Beyond

In this longer piece he answers 5 different questions. He also talks about what happens as we die, in perhaps a bit more detail, death as the ultimate healing, about wanting to be immortal versus conscious dying, and how to mourn when we lose a loved one.


Adronis - The Soul in between Lifetimes 

Transcript from a YouTube Q&A recording, answering a viewers question what the soul experiences in between lifetimes. 5/28/23

Also: Transmissions from Adronis on YouTube

Pleiadian Golden Lake Teachings:

The Pleiadians describe the realm in between lifetimes, the divine oneness and source of life, as a golden lake. In this analogy what we call a soul is a drop from the golden lake that forms and decides to have a human experience and then separates from the lake to incarnate in a physical body. When this drop/soul returns, it blends again with the whole lake. So the drop does not stay in a distinct form or identity after its physical life has ended. It blends back into the oneness and again becomes part of all lived experiences of the whole lake.


At some point a new drop forms with a desire to have a human experience and separates. Some parts from the first drop might be in the second, but the drops are not identical.


We can translate this as: a soul might decide to explore a certain limitation in the human experience and so it takes with it a connection to other lifetimes that have previously merged back into the lake to give this limitation more substance. But being connected to a past lifetime doesn’t mean that the other lifetime was lived by the same soul. Because after that previous soul had returned into the golden lake, it too completely lost its distinction and separateness.

Also: Lyssa Royal / Books


Michael Newton books:

There is also a tunnel of light. There are only a few beings who greet you at the end of it. After that your soul either rests in a special place to be restored from the trauma of the previous lifetime for a while, or, if the soul is well, you move back into the soul realm, where you recognize and know so many souls. There is always a small group you are most closely connected to: Your soul group. These are souls you have the deepest bond with. As a soul you emanate a certain color and the color indicates how much you have learned or evolved you are. There are teachers, who are more evolved and there is a library of the Akashic records, where you review and learn from your last lifetime. There is something like a nursery that spawns new souls.


At some point you feel ready for another lifetime and you meet with something like a higher council that offers you several specific options for joining into a currently incarnated family lineage. After choosing one, you meet with other souls who are willing to play new parts in your next lifetime to create agreements together.


The Michael Teachings & The Source:

Through death your soul returns to the Astral Realm, which is the home for all souls.

For every lifetime your soul chooses certain soul archetypes, or overleaves, to embody as a human, which creates the personality you then live with in that lifetime.

There are seven of these archetypes (and each of them in turn has seven different possible characteristics you choose from):

As a soul you pick a goal of development, a mentality or attitude, a chief fear pattern, a dominant mode of expression, and a primary center or source of energizing.

These archetypes change in every lifetime, except for an essential soul role, which stays the same through one whole soul cycle. As your soul evolves through these many lifetimes, it also goes through specific age cycles: It moves from baby-soul lifetimes, to child-, then young-, on to mature- and finally to the old-soul lifetimes. Overall our soul essentially learns about love. Every soul has an experience of complete enlightenment at the end of its whole soul cycle. At that point it merges into a greater oneness with its entire soul family. 

Your soul family is a large group of about 1000 souls who all began their incarnation journey at a similar time. Every soul family as a whole is defined by an underlying theme of exploration; and every soul throughout all its lifetimes contributes its experiences, thoughts, struggles and realizations about this particular theme to the knowing of the whole soul family.





Mellen-Thomas Benedict - A Journey through Light and Back

One of the most expansive descriptions of the near death experience phenomenon I have read.

Anita Morjani -

This is the TedX talk she gave about her near death experience, which also confirms the importance of self love.


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