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The Morning Meditations



I created 8 morning meditation to accompany my program Love Based Reality Creation.

I wanted to also make them available on their own, because I feel they provide a really wonderful support at this time of separateness, uncertainty, confusion, pain, fear and grief.


They are designed to effortlessly infuse your life with self love, by integrating the seven self love actions and qualities, they nurture your inner child, connect you with your brightest future, expand your gratitude, guide you in directing the healing potential of our blessings, and release old habits of self criticism. They help you not only to welcome all of your emotions, but also the full flow of life with less resistance. A cutting edge meditation awakens your ability to neutralize the polarity between suppressed and craved emotions, which sets off an alchemy that burns away old, polarized reality patterns.


Each meditation is beautifully accompanied by subtle nature sounds…

They are each between 17 and 19 minutes long.


Here are the descriptions for the 8 meditations:


Self Love Actions

This meditation creates a greater affinity with taking self loving actions in your life.


Self Love Qualities

This meditation increases your affinity with creating the qualities of self love in your life.


Bright Future

This meditation connects you with your bright future



This meditation allows you to tap into the magic and power of gratitude


Release Self Criticism

This meditation helps you to turn old habits of self criticism into self love.


Flow of Life

This meditation allows you to welcome the flow of life with less resistance


Alchemy of Emotions

This meditation taps into the transformative alchemy of polarized emotions


Healing Blessings

This meditation helps to clear a dark cloud you may have woken up with.


How to buy a set? 


I have not yet been able to find an independently functioning product page, from which you can purchase the meditations on a "pay what you want" basis, so for now I will need to manually send you a link to my page where you can access the set.

I offer them on a sliding scale:

The meditations are a minimum of $3 each, which means $24 for the whole set. Please freely choose a higher amount that feels right to you, if you want to support my work.

Choose any amount you want to support my work with 

on the sliding scale

starting at $24.


Please use my Venmo account




Please make sure you include your email address

so I can send you the page link. 


That’s where you will be able to listen to all of the eight meditations. I will have to send this link manually, so please don’t worry if it doesn’t arrive instantly after you make the payment.

If you have any questions, please email me:


I hope you will enjoy and benefit deeply from these meditations!

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