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A Series of 8 Morning Meditations


Currently available:                        

Self Love Actions with inner child            

Self Love Qualities with inner child              


Bright Future                    

Flow of Life                          

Transforming Self Criticism                       

Emotional Alchemy                

Healing Elixir of Blessings                     


I originally created these morning meditations for my “Love Based Reality Creation” program. Using them on a regular basis is an easy way to tap into the life-giving potential of self love, gratitude, and your bright future, and helps you to welcome the flow of life, transform self criticism, practice emotional alchemy to dissolve old polarities, and use the healing power of your own blessings. All of them support you in becoming more of who you truly are. 


The meditations run between 12 and 19 minutes in length. 

Each one is accompanied by soothing nature sounds. You can find the meditations here.



The Power of Self Love


    Self Love Chart pdf

    Exploratory one hour Session


You have already met the seven qualities of self love during the introductory meditation in your Deep Journey. If you want to live with more self love, we also bring awareness to the seven self-love actions. I consider Self Love the single most powerful source of transformation that exists. 

In order to find ways to integrate more self love into your life, we look for a key area in your life that has a big impact on you and experientially explore and practice how to weave more self love into it.



The Power of Breathing


    Breathing pdf

    Introductory half hour Session


I have just recently become yet again more aware of the power of breathing. This new pdf explains the scope of an enhanced circular breath very well. And if you want to practice the circular breath, explore what moments you can use this way of breathing or how to use it when you are feeling challenged, we can schedule a half session.



The Power of Gratitude


    Gratitude pdf

    Gratitude Processes pdf

    Exploratory Session


Gratitude is one of the immensely powerful generating energies we can tap into. I personally love working with gratitude, because it just feels so good to be fully immersed in it. In an exploratory session we look for the most pleasurable and impactful ways to pay attention to, welcome and experience more gratitude in your life. We might also remove any old habits of resistance to gratitude if necessary.



The Power of your Bright Future and your Bright Future Self


    Gathering your Dream pdf  + writing worksheet

    Create your Brightest Future pdf  +  writing worksheet

    Anchor Image pdf

    Exploratory + Guided Session


The power of the bright future is another formidable source of transformation we can use. If you have already imagined, fleshed out and written down what your brightest future looks like, we can use a guided meditation to more viscerally experience your bright future. This will also allow you to create a deeply empowering connection with your bright future self, who always wants to help you bring to life more of who you truly are. 



The Power of Welcoming Life


    Welcoming Life pdf

    Exploratory Session


Some of you may remember a breakthrough in your Deep Journey when you stopped resisting or judging your experience and allowed yourself to surrender into what the mushrooms were offering to you. The same principle is actually true for your whole life! Whenever you wish something wasn’t happening, you are essentially blocking your own life force. We could say you are arguing against your soul. If you have come across Byron Katie’s work, you may remember that welcoming life in all its forms is also exactly what she teaches. In this file I offer two recommendations and a transformative question you can use.


Releasing Suppressed Anger to Heal


    Hate Letter pdf

    Releasing Anger pdf

    Exploratory Session


While all suppressed emotions are damaging to our being and our body, anger is the most utterly self destructive one. It is therefore vital to any healing process to release the buried, and often hidden reservoirs of anger. I can help you detect if you are still carrying anger around with you and explain the various tools that allow you to release it. There are some you can do on your own while others (like a full emotional release process), you would need my help with and book a session.



The Antagonist to Self Love: Self Pity


    Discover your Self Pity Patterns pdf

    Exploratory Session


You may already be aware that the opposite to love is not hate, but fear. In our day to day life fear can have many forms that may be hard to detect and grasp. So understanding that fear always plays out through either patterns of self pity, or self importance is often a big eye opener! Every negative experience we have, is in fact caused by one of the seven forms of self pity, no matter whether you are aware of that or not. Once we understand our personal self pity patterns, we have entirely new leverage and can more easily use self love to heal them.



Changing an old Belief Cluster


    Changing a Belief Cluster pdf

    Introductory or Exploratory Session


There are beliefs that serve us and beliefs that don’t. Often our negative beliefs come surrounded by clusters of accompanying beliefs that support the negative conclusion. This worksheet first helps you to identify what your particular negative belief cluster contains, and then guides you in a step-by-step process to loosen the grip of your convictions, to questioning these beliefs and to potentially replace them with new beliefs. I can either help you to understand the steps in this process in an introductory session, or I can take you through a whole process in an exploratory session.



Duality Dissolution Process for Old Patterns


    Emotional Alchemy pdf

    Exploratory or Processing Session


Every negative experience we have is tied to two polarized emotions. One you try to avoid or not to feel, and one you crave or long to feel. Working with these emotions in a specific way allows us to create an emotional alchemy that starts to dissolve the old pattern that used to play out in our life. You can use the information in the pdf to work with this powerful alchemy on your own. I can also take you through new Duality Dissolution process that I recently created on the basis of this emotional alchemy.



Creating New Brain Searches: The Power of Source Questions


    Using Source Questions pdf

    Exploratory Session


Source questions are questions that program your brain to look for new data, new internal responses and new answers. They can open up unused ares of consciousness, and can thus powerfully expand your sense of self. It takes a bit of practice to find the questions that will have the most transformative impact, so if you like I can help you in creating the first batch.



Connecting with your Soul Family


    Connecting & Communicating with your Soul and Soul Family pdf

    Exploratory Session


In 2018 I discovered the books by Varda Hasselmann and shortly after, the Michael Teachings. Both offer channeled information, and both teachings describe a model of the non-physical realm our souls are at home in that is almost identical. This model really resonated with me. There is a soul matrix and archetype variations our souls can choose from ahead of each lifetime. I also found it helpful to understand the evolution of consciousness our souls go through over the course of its many incarnations, and the connection we have with our soul family. In merging this material with parts of the Lazaris teachings, I have put together a process that provides a structure of communication with your soul or soul family. While in the beginning this communication is often quite subtle, it may also allow you to tap into the deeper sources of your being and reveal wonderfully valuable insights and truths.



Nourishing your Creativity


    Creativity Diagram pdf

    Introductory or Exploratory Session


If you work creatively in any way, or want to make room for more creative expression in your life, you might find it helpful to explore this diagram, which also comes from the Lazaris teachings. (Just like the seven layers of self love, gratitude, and the seven self pity patterns)  If you want my help in exploring how to integrate this information into your own creative process, we can schedule some time for that. 



Sound Healing: Tom Kenyon


    Sound Healing pdf

    Introductory half hour Session


I have found the sound code pieces by Tom Kenyon to be a wonderful source of additional support and healing at a deep level of my being. Some of them are also extraordinarily beautiful. If you feel drawn to working with channeled sound codes from another star system, you can try them out easily. This list contains my favorite meditations, as well as those I believe might support you in your ongoing journey.

New Additions:


    The Magic Smile pdf

Discover the power of smiling and the effects it has on your body.

    Conscious Communication pdf

How to consciously communicate about difficult subjects.

    Ho'oponopono pdf

The ancient Hawaiian Healing Prayer for people you love who are struggling.

    Killing ANTs pdf

Dismantling automatic negative thoughts


Self Love
Bright Future
Self Pity
Soul Family


I offer the pdf files in the collection to you for free.

All of them are linked, so you can access and download them right here from this page.

When you use one of them, I would love to hear if, and how it has helped you.

If you would like to make a small donation, you can do that via Venmo: @Tomma-vonHaeften

If you would like to deepen your inner work in any of these areas, you can book a private session with me. 

Half hours start on a "pay what you want" sliding scale at $30.

Full hours start on a "pay what you want" sliding scale at $50.

You can read more about my payment philosophy here. 

I look very much forward to hearing how you are doing!


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