Reaching a higher point of view
Deep Journey Information

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Brief overview of the services

that are included in a guided Deep Journey



The Preparation:


This transformational experience starts with finding your core intention. To help you clarify your core intention I invite you to use the series of questions below. Answering them in writing can shed more light on what it is your are intending. Our goal for you is to find your highest intention possible. Having a clear intention is crucial for steering your experience, it’s like the rudder that sets the course for your journey.


Five days before your Deep Journey you will also begin to use small amounts of plant medicine to acclimate the body and begin practicing infusing your life with your intention. (Instructions below) We will speak more about how to make that happen.

One day or two days before your Deep Journey we will also schedule a one hour preparation session.

In order to be an effective guide it is helpful for me to learn more about your life situation, the context of your intention, the challenges you may be facing, and the accompanying key questions you may have. I may also help you clarify the wording of your core intention or raise it’s vibration.


During this session we also go over all the logistics and preparations for the big day.

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The Deep Journey:

On the day of your Deep Journey I come to your home. I will be prepared to stay with you for 6 hours. During your experience I take detailed written notes and also try to catch all key developments and insights on digital recording. These records are very helpful for your process of integration afterwards.


Where exactly the journey will take you in response to your intention is impossible to predict. The only thing we can expect is that it will be a surprise. This process and the wisdom of the plant will always give you what you need and that may sometimes be different from what you want. The key to a break through experience that results in a deeply significant and often life changing awareness is your ability to surrender. In order to surrender you may have to let go of ingrained habits you are using to control situations in your life, and release any possible resistance or fears that show up. Perhaps the most important support I provide as a guide is helping you to do all of that that. We will speak more about this in our preparation session.



The Integration Work:

In order to integrate the experiences during your deep Journey I offer two follow up Integration Sessions. 

(You may book the integration support sessions in advance, or when you feel you need them.)


I suggest to schedule the first one fairly soon, within a week after your Deep Journey. 


The second one can take place about two to three months later. The timing is completely up to you, as well as the amount of additional support sessions.


These sessions help you to stay on track and keep you moving in the direction of your intention. During the integration sessions I offer additional tools that support you, simple exercises or processes. I also help you to create a blueprint on how to approach and respond to potentially challenging situations in the future. 


If we have not spoken in person yet:


I offer a free 30 minute consultation to meet you and answer any remaining questions you have. Just send me an email to schedule some time:

You will find a lot more information about my other work and myself on the public pages of my website above. This is an invisible page I give special access to.

*For specific questions about plant medicine please always contact me on “Signal



Setting your Intention

You can use any of these questions to clarify the intention for your personal journey.

  1. Is there an area in my life I want to transform?

  2. What new form would I most like to give it?

  3. Is there some kind of experience or quality I long for that is currently scarce or lacking in my life?

  4. What might it feel like when that experience or quality is a regular part of my life?

  5. Is there something I might need to give up in order to let it in?

  6. Do I have questions about my life’s direction?

  7. What would it feel like to know I am on the right track?

  8. Are there core relationships with members in my close family that need to heal?

  9. How would it affect me and my life if this healing took place?

  10. Do I wish to connect more deeply with my ancestors, guides, angels or spiritual teachers?

  11. Do I wish to have a closer relationship with or feel the presence of the divine?

  12. Who, apart from myself, might be most impacted when I or my life changes?

  13. Is there anybody who might not welcome this change?

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Plant Medicine Morning Drink Ritual


Adapt this recipe to your tastebuds



  • Organic Cacao powder

  • Content of one capsule plant medicine 

  • Hot water

  • Raw honey to taste 

  • Coconut oil / coconut butter 

  • Hemp seeds  or  Coconut/almond/hazelnut creamer


The amounts are flexible, no precision is needed.

Blend or stir well.


Drink it in the mornings on an empty stomach 15 to 30 minutes before you eat breakfast.


As you drink, focus on your intention by picturing it or speaking it either silently or out loud… and as much as you can, allow yourself to feel what it feels like like when it has become a reality. Keep holding, or keep returning to this intention while you drink.


The purpose of using the microdosing during the five days before your deep journey is to introduce the plant medicine to your body and to begin the co-creation process with the plant through your intention. You can use the same intention every day, or try out a different one every morning. 



Alternate drink option:


If you prefer more simplicity, you can also simply take one capsule with a glass of hot or warm water with a dash of lemon juice.



Deep Journeys away from Home

You may live too far away for me to drive there and back in one day, or your home may not have the privacy you need for this experience. In such cases I am sometimes able to offer the healing space in our home. Please ask me about it.


In order to make this work available to people with many different financial means, I offer these guided deep journeys on a low end open sliding scale.

You can see my fee schedule here.