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Meditations / Sound Healing

Resources for Healing

Reality Creation

Tools for Releasing

The Non-Physical Realm


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Meditations / Sound Healing

A Series of 8 Morning Meditations


Currently available:                        

Self Love Actions with inner child            

Self Love Qualities with inner child              


Bright Future                    

Flow of Life                          

Transforming Self Criticism                       

Emotional Alchemy                

Healing Elixir of Blessings                     


The meditations run between 12 and 19 minutes in length. 

Each one is accompanied by soothing nature sounds.

    You can find the meditations here.

You can also find a single meditation to experience and try on an expanded state of self love on my Three Gifts page here:

    Expanded Self Love Meditation 

I originally created these morning meditations for my “Love Based Reality Creation” program. Using them on a regular basis is an easy way to tap into the life-giving potential of self love, gratitude, and your bright future, and helps you to welcome the flow of life, transform self criticism, practice emotional alchemy to dissolve old polarities, and use the healing power of your own blessings. All of them support you in becoming more of who you truly are. 

Sound Healing: Tom Kenyon

    Sound Healing pdf


I have found the sound code pieces by Tom Kenyon to be a wonderful source of additional support and healing at a deep level of my being. Some of them are also extraordinarily beautiful. If you feel drawn to working with channeled sound codes from another star system, you can try them out easily. This list contains my favorite meditations, as well as those I believe might support you in your ongoing journey.


Resources for Healing

The Power of Self Love

    Self Love Chart


The Power of Breathing




The Power of Smiling


    The Magic Smile


The Power of Gratitude



    Gratitude Buddy Processes


The Power of your Bright Future and your Bright Future Self


To experience the difference between a dark and a bright future, you can go to this guided exercise on my Three Gifts page:

    Dark Road, Light Road guided Meditation

    Gathering your Dream pdf  + writing worksheet

    Create your Brightest Future pdf  +  writing worksheet

    Anchor Image


The Power of Welcoming Life


    Welcoming Life

Creating New Brain Searches: The Power of Source Questions


    Using Source Questions

Nourishing your Creativity


    Creativity Diagram

Hawaiian Healing Prayer: Ho'oponopono


Conscious Communication for Couples

    Conscious Communication

Resources Healing
Reality Creation
Reality Creation

The three Tools of Reality Creation

    The Tools fo Reality Creation

The six Raw Materials of Reality Creation

    The Raw Materials of Reality Creation

Tools Releasing
Tools for Releasing

Releasing Suppressed Anger to Heal

    Hate Letter

    Releasing Anger

The Antagonist to Self Love: Self Pity


    Discover your Self Pity Patterns


Changing an old Belief Cluster


    Changing a Belief Cluster

Duality Dissolution Process for Old Patterns

 Emotional Alchemy

Dismantling Recurring Negative Thoughts

    Killing ANTs



The Non-Physical Realm

Connecting with your Soul or Soul Family

You can use this guided meditation on my Three Gifts page to experience a greater connection to your soul, soul family and higher self here:

    Your Soul, Soul Family and Higher Self Meditation 

    Connecting & Communicating with your Soul and Soul Family

Death and Dying

    Lazaris: A Question about Dying

    Lazaris: Death and Beyond

    Adronis: The Soul in between Lifetimes


I hope you find this collection of resources useful.

If you see a subject or exercise that looks intriguing, and I have not suggested it to you yet, please make sure you mention it during our next session.

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